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Key Stage 2

Resources for children aged 7 - 11

Our Key Stage 2 Thinking Cards are beautifully illustrated by students

Helpful ThinkinCards

Highlighting ways of thinking positively
Teaching resource for young people to identify the feeling of achievement
Learning tool to help young people identify the feeling of enjoying life and being positive
Healthy and postive mental wellbeing from feeling calm, comfortable and relaxed
teaching resource to help young people identify the feeling that they belong in a team
The postive mental feeling of accomplisment in a test
Identifying when you're happy, calm and relaxed
Feeling mentally joyful, happy and comfortable
Young person feeling calm, relaxed and comfortable
Helpful thought pattern thinking card
young people feeling like they belong in a team

Unhelpful ThinkinCards

Identifying unhelpful thought patterns.
Identify the mental feeling of being overwhelmed, flooded and helpless
Negative thought patterns of feeling overwhelmed and surrounded that affects young people's mental wellbeing
the feeling of being anxious, worried and confused
Thinking Card showing a young person overthinking and feeling confused
Help children identify the feeling of being lonely, isolated and alone
Mental wellbeing learning tool to help educate young people in identifying the feeling of being cut-off, alone and isolated
Negative impact of failure on mental health
Thinking Card showing the negative thoughts associated with failing in a test
Description of the feeling of being angry, frustrated and cross
Visualisation of the negative thought pattern of being angry and frustrated
The feeling of being mentally unhappy and sad
A grey sunset showing a young person's feeling of being unhappy and sad
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