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Our Thinking Cards were developed to help young people improve their mental wellbeing utilising techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.

We wanted to develop a learning tool to support young people in identifying their helpful and unhelpful thought patterns. The overall aim was to see a reduction in anxiety and an improvement in resilience.

We looked at the ideas used in CBT and Mindfulness and sought to distill the key ideas into 25 or so easily remembered phrases that could be presented on cards for them to learn and work with. The aim being that young people can improve their mental wellbeing by suffering less from unhelpful thinking and benefit more from helpful thinking.

The visuals appeal to young people and are combined with simple yet powerful messages to enable them to identify and challenge negative thinking. We have endeavored to make the use of the Thinking Cards a special experience for young people.


We take orders for pre-printed Thinking Cards. The cards are beautifully printed with a high quality finish and presentation.

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